Monday, February 06, 2006


Yeah, yeah, Superbowl…schmooper…bowl. That one doesn’t work so well but who needs the Superbowl when you can have the Puppybowl? Who needs the Rolling Stones censoring themselves when you can have the “Bissell Half-Time Kitty Show?” Did I actually watch it? Yes, but not all the way through. I did watch the half-time show twice, however. I like to watch insane kittens beat the crap out of each other, what can I say? And as far as the puppies go, I think the poodle totally rocked it (but I have a crush on the Shiba Inu ).

I do like football but I am by no means a fan and since I didn’t care about either team (I may have watched if it were the Bears or the Dolphins or the Eagles) and my house was incredibly dusty and disorganized, I didn’t watch the Superbowl.

But on Saturday night, as part of my ongoing quest to re-live my teen years, I went to see Howard Jones with Jodi-odi-odi and Eric. It was good. Very good. HoJo stands the test of time. He still has a lovely voice; he’s an amazing piano player and a good entertainer. A brilliant guitarist accompanied him as well. In fact, there were times when the composition brought the two instruments together to sound like a harpsichord. Not that I am a harpsichord fan, far from it. All those years of playing “Baroque Flute” really made me not love harpsichord OR flute. But Howard can make anything work.

The concert venue was kind of odd. I had never been to a non-Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino before and I will only say that I don’t need to ever go to one again…unless Howard Jones is playing there, I guess.

On a different topic here…I am bored with the food that I cook for dinner. I have gotten in the rut of cooking the same 4 or 5 meals over and over again. I need some fresh ideas. Any suggestions? The real problem is that I am more interested in veggies and James is more interested in meat. I don’t much like rice and he won’t eat pasta. So meals that we both like get a little tricky. I make a lot of fish generally grilled and sometimes put into tacos, we do eat some chicken, sautéed, fried, taco-ed and stewed, and then things like veggie chili, French toast (I eat mine with veggie bacon, he gets sausage), eggplant parm…I just have run out of interesting ideas. I hate to cook pork, I don’t like beef and I could eat beans and tofu everyday and he doesn’t care about either one. What ever shall I do?


Chris said...

Hmm, I'd forgotten how many Howard Jones songs I liked -- time for a trip to iTunes.

We had baked yellow squash, hollowed out and filled with spinach artichoke dip (with some added spinach and cream cheese) with shredded parmesian cheese one top last night. It was very good. If you cut the squash in half and boil them a bit first, then dry them off and transfer to a baking dish it works better. Add a little salt and pepper and a spray of olive oil. Add the spinach mixture after the squash is about done and put back in the oven for a few more minutes.

My kid's favorite squash recipe (Griffin likes it too) is to cut yellow squash into big chunks, cut up a yellow onion, put it all in a saucepan with an inch or so of water and a tablespoon of butter. Add salt, pepper, and (very important) fresh thyme and boil until tender. Don't add too much water as liquid will be released from the onions and swash and you want it more steamed than boiled to death.

We also have a nice and easy recipe for stuffed poblano peppers, but it uses hot pork sausage and I'm not sure it would survive a vegetarian conversion. You just cook a pound of spicy sausage, mix it with 8oz of cream cheese, then stuff cleaned poblano peppers with the mixture and bake it until the peppers are tender, then (optionally) cover it with a bit of chedder jack and bake until bubbly. This also works with jalapenos (optionally wrapped in bacon for appetizers).

Chris said...

Uh, obviously that should be "onions and squash" and not "onions and swash" -- it's too early to be typing recipes...

Brenda Griffith said...

Dave does all the cooking (and ordering out--I am just here to be fed) but we have a similar dilemma: He is the colon-cancer poster boy and barely touches vegetables (meat and starch, meat and starch) and I like veggies--spinach, collard greens, swiss chard, broccoli, beans and peas, yumm. But since I don't do the cooking...

But we have come to a compromise on meat and now primarily have chicken. He has three recipes for skinless breasts which are quick, easy, different and yummy (and baked): chicken pesto with walnuts, chipotle chicken (orange juice and yogurt sauce--trust me, it's incredible) and chicken mole (as in the Mexican sauce, not the small subterannean mammal). We do all those with different rices (and add black beans and tortillas on the chipotle chicken nights) and a side veggie (usually peas, sometimes beans or salad as he will eat those).

As they are his own recipes and not from a cookbook I will need to wait till he gets back in town tonight to get them for you and then I will post them. He went up to MIT recruiting for CNN yesterday so Jessie and I were on our own for dinner last night. I let her pick knowing it would be Melton's buffalo chicken tenders or Mojo's pizza. It was Mojo's so we'll have Melton's tonight before Dave gets home. :-)

Jodi said...

HoJo is awesome.

I just don't cook.

Ugh, I suck.