Monday, August 08, 2005

10 more for jodi...

as answered by ME!

ok, 10 more…

1) what is your favorite word? peace...i like the way it sounds and i like what it means. but i also really like to say "randy" it's just a fun word.

2) and what one word do you say the most (i know it’s rude)? my mother would cry if she knew but it's either fuck or dude.

3) last 3 cd’s you bought? were they any good?
uh...bibio-fi....v. good.
and then....i don't know. it's been a bit.

4) let’s say you could be any character in any book you have ever read. let’s say you have to be a character in a book you have read. who would you be?
oof. maybe tuesday next from the jasper fforde novels. she has an exciting life. but she also has a tragic scary life so maybe no...but then again, she does have a pet dodo...

or how about...beatrice in "much ado about nothing". she's got it pretty good.

5) do you have a morning ritual? because i know you used to have the diet coke thing going but no more…
first there is a lot of snooze button action, then a shower, then take care of the cat, pour out some tea, drink some soymilk, find something for breakfast and go to work.

6) are there any programs you use regularly on your computer?
i use illustrator everyday and i loooooove it.

7) why don’t you just stop running around all the time and take a freakin’ nap, woman?

8) i am kind of mildly obsessed with magazines. i always buy any new ones that start up and i buy all kinds of things just to see what they are like, teen magazines, wine magazines…right now i am v. fond of scientific magazines. what magazines do you like to read and why? and are there any you hate, hate, hate?
scientific american, and then that weekly science one are both good, ready made, bust.
i don't like instyle or harper's bazaar.

9) so, you saw david bowie in your dreams, eh? what is the best real star sighting you have ever had?
evander hollyfield

10) going back to the no more diet coke thing…i know you drink tea more now. is there a specific type you like? (pg tips makes great iced tea. v. dark. like your soul!!) i like black tea and some green but mostly black and mostly dark.

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