Thursday, August 18, 2005

stop asking so many questions!

so, someone at jodi's blog thingy liked the ten questions routine, so i wrote one for her. and to be fair, i will attempt to answer them myself as well...unfortunately, i don't watch that many movies so this could be a tricky one.

1. so you like movies. Tell me, what do you think Is the best adaptation of a book to a movie that you have seen?
hands down that is "persuasion". i just love the story and the movie is v. faithful and nothing with cirian hinds could ever be bad.

2. what movie did you pay to see and really wish you hadn’t and in fact, feel like they couldn’t pay YOU enough to ever see it again?
oof, that would be the "the man with one red shoe" and...look, i know this is not the class answer either but...i really didn't like "blue velvet" when i saw it. i really wanted to walk out.

3. that said, do you ever walk out of movies if you don’t like them?
i really can't. i get worried that maybe i'm missing something and i should stay just in case it's not the movie, it's me. but that's just a bad relationship all over again.

4. what is your favorite movie snack and why?
popcorn, popcorn, popcorn. love it. but i try to eat it quietly. i tend to kind of suck on it for a second so it doesn't crunch (don't twist that, it's not at all dirty). and i just have always loved popcorn but the only really good popcorn is the kind you get at the movies.

5. please, tell me three movies that I may not have seen but I really should because they are just that good…
well, this is silly since i actually asked the question the spirit of it all:
1. "waydowntown" is just fascinating and funny and a little bit...scary
2. "sexy beast" blows my mind a little more every time i see it
3. "shaun of the dead" is dead brilliant.
unfortunately, i'm pretty sure most people have seen at least two of these by now.

6. from your current reviews, I see that you’ve been watching a lot of “Hollywood” movies, but you also watch foreign films too…but what do you REALLY like to watch?
i am only slightly embarassed to say that i like comedy...romantic comedy.

7. what would you like to see more of in movies?
more alan rickman! more pete postlethwait! more blowing shit up just because we can! oooh and a little more tim roth would be nice too.

8. what would you like to see less of? And no fair saying Jennifer lopez, that’s how everyone answers!
less weepy drama shit. and less faux history. look, i go to the movies for fun. i don't need a bad history lesson and i probably don't want to cry either.

9. so, when you watch movies at home do you watch straight through or do you pause to get a drink, maybe make a phone call, watch a little tomorrow?
i am a notorious "breaker". i can watch a movie over a week if i feel like it.

10. read any good books lately?
oh, i have. i just read "the namesake" by jhumpa lahiri, it was quite good.


Shwee said...

Ah, Persuasion. I just watched it tonight. Why can't MY boy write his soul in a brief and nicely calligraphied letter to me? I caught my breath several times and sighed twice outloud. Hooray.

guile said...

i just finished the namesake.. i think it's brilliant..