Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ten bad google questions

i torment jodi with shit like this. but in all fairness, i answer them myself too...

1. What are the best fonts currently available for captioning and subtitling? Are these fonts adequate?

well i do have a favorite font but i don't think it's very good for subtitling. it's called caslon and i do like most variations on it. i think it is and elegant and simple font that is both pratical and beautiful.

2. Why do textbooks claim that the 1953 Miller-Urey experiment shows how life's building blocks may have formed on the early Earth -- when conditions on the early Earth were probably nothing like those used in the experiment, and the origin of life remains a mystery?

well, i suppose because that in 1953 no one had any real idea what the heck was going on. but i also think that we still can't assume that we know the ultimate origins of life and creation. and while i think it is an interesting thing to explore, i also think that more time could be spent figuring out what the heck we do now that we are here!

3. Can I Keep the Same Phone Number?

it is my understanding that you can. yes.

4. Who can be with me during labor and birth?

well, i don't about you, but i only want a doctor.

5. Are there any circumstances under which you believe the President of the United States could legally authorize torture?

no. i do not.

6. Are you networking?

actually, no. i don't much like talking to strangers.

7. How common is lung cancer?

unfortunately, it is more common than we think. and i hear it is one of the top killers of women.

8. What is the risk that I could lose the money I invest?

there is always a risk my friend. always.

9. TiVo is a revolutionary product and aside from the basic recording features, the interface is often seen as a key killer feature among both typical users and the design-savvy. I'm constantly hearing it referenced as the hallmark of useful design that masks powerful features. Was an easy-to-use interface a key design goal from the beginning of TiVo's development?

i think that an easy to use design is always a goal but i also think that most designers prefer to leave their mark, rather than think of the end product and the usefulness of it.

10. How many visits did you and your chief of staff make to CIA to meet directly with CIA analysts working on Iraq?

i'm sorry, i can't answer that question. if i did i'd have to kill you...

(taken randomly from the first 15 or so hits on the google search ten questions)

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Jodi said...

Am I bad for not answering these on my "blog"? Maybe I will...I'm drafting one where I'm answering the spam questions I get...kind of silly...I think only a couple of people will read it anyway.