Monday, August 22, 2005

ten more for jodi but answered by me

1. So…you think George Michael was kind of sexy back in the day? Well who didn’t? (neither of those were the actual question though…keep reading)…who is sexy now? Give me three please.
alan rickman
ciaran hinds
pete postlethwait
brenden gleeson
i could go on and on...

2. So what makes a person sexy?
well, in real life, it takes brains and a sense of humor. on screen it takes a PERCEIVED intelligence and sense of humor. for example, i find the CHARACTER of gil grissom on CSI sexy. he's very intelligent, introverted, well-read, good sense of humor, all things i like. but the actor, william peterson, although i still find him physically attractive, he's just more of a bloke, you know? he may still like shakespeare and such but he comes across differently and thus, i find him attractive, but not really sexy. does that make any sense?

3. I use itunes on my computer but I can’t use the random play feature because…ok, lets just say I have a lot of music that I rarely want to listen to but I still must keep. If you use a random play feature on your mp3 player or your cd player or whatever, what are the first 5 songs you get and will you skip any of them?
Winter Wonderland-Tony Bennett
Train In Vain- The Clash
White Christmas-Norway
Come On Home-Cyndi Lauper
The Amens-The Brian Setzer Orchestra
see what i am saying? i've got a lot of christmas music, which i really only want to listen to at christmas. so i would probably just listen to the clash and cyndi lauper. skip the rest until december.

4. How was Vegas?
i'm guessing it was crowded and hot but i don't really know.

5. I know that you have some trouble sleeping sometimes, just like me. More about time to sleep really, but do you have and good tips for getting a good night sleep?
camomile tea and calms forte seem to work better than nothing.

6. So, say someone give you. I don’t know… a million and a half dollars but with the proviso that you can’t spend it on yourself. What would you do with it?
oh, um...i guess i would give a bunch to my family, start trust funds for my nephews and then stock the food bank and animal shelter. a million and a half probably won't go very far.

7. Can I go home now? I’m really tired… you can't. sorry.

8. Who is your favorite south park character?
TWEEK! i love tweek. or is it tweak? i don't know.

9. Oh, I have this really good question but I keep forgetting what it is! So…um..favorite color?
burgundyish red.

10. What did you have for dinner last night?
excellent chicken tacos that i made myself.


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