Tuesday, August 16, 2005

favorite books (written aug. 14, 2003)

1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy-Douglas Adams-I think, no matter what this will always be my number one. I read it every few years to remind myself that nothing has to make sense
2. The Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald-I actually like most Fitzgerald, but I will also acknowledge that a lot of his stuff is cheesy and overwritten. Nonetheless, this is a brilliant book and if the last time you read it was in high school and you don’t remember it being good, try again. It only gets better as I get older
3. The Death Of Vishnu-Manil Suri- This is something I’ve read recently and I can’t say enough good things about it. I think in 50 years it will be considered a great overlooked novel
4. Persuasion-Jane Austen-I like all jane austen but I think, by far, this is her best. Pride and Prejudice is funnier, but this is so real and warm and I really feel for the characaters .
5. How To Cook A Wolf-M.F.K. Fisher-Really amazing writing about surviving the depression with wit and style.
6. Like Water For Chocolate-Laura Esquivel-First, it has all the recipes, then it had all this amazing use of magical realism but in the end, it’s just a really goood story
7. The Glimpses Of The Moon-Edith Wharton-Not her best book, but I really like it…in fact, I think I need to read it again
8. On A Pale Horse-Piers Anthony- I just really like this story. It makes me feel better about death.
9. Girlfriend In A Coma-Douglas Coupland- I never finished “Generation X” -I thought it was boring and pretentious, but I have really enjoyed all of Coupland’s stuff since then. This book, while not great, really moved me, as goofy as that may sound
10. The Cat Ate My Gymsuit-Paula Danzinger-Real teen angst. It was good.


Jodi said...

See, you are much more well read than I. I read like a fiend as an adolescent and teenager...Gone with the Wind, lots of Stephen King books. Sigh.

Lucky Charmz said...

I love your blog so far. You favorite book list is so similar to mine, I've read Like Water For CHocolate and the Cat Ate my Gymsuit this summer too.