Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ten "real" questions for jodi, as answered by ME!

1. do you have a favorite “adult beverage”?
i do like the gin and tonic, the gin and soda and the whisky and water, but not all together. also rather fond of blueberry wine from the tomasello winery.

2. you see a lot of movies, is there one that stands head and shoulders above the rest as your favorite?

hmmm. well...i like a lot of movies but i don't see as many as i wish. i do have a list somewhere that i will post after i finish answering these questions to myself...

3. where would you like to go within the united states, that you have never been before?

i would like to go to seattle.

4. what about in the world?
norway, iceland, vietnam (i used to really want to go to greece and egypt but lately i've been all about the scandanavian places...and vietnam)

5. you seem like the kind of person who is always up for something new. Do you see yourself as adventurous and adaptable or is that all a façade?

this was pretty specific to jodi but i think i am pretty adaptable but not necessarily adventerous.

6. is there something (without reavealing a weakenss that you don’t want to reveal, remember, there are supervillians reading!) that you just can’t handle?

oh, not good with the frogs. or lizards...or damage to eyes. or needles....

7. well, let’s say you are a super hero? What is your name and what are your powers?

ah, i know this one. i am contusion and my superpowers are that i can give people uncomfortable sprains and bad bruising.

8. what one thing about yourself are you willing to tell that would surprise your friends?


9. do you have a favorite dessert?
i like things made with chocolate. or sticky toffee pudding.

10. what talent are you most proud of?
the willingness, if not the ability to see both sides of the argument

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