Monday, August 08, 2005

reading list

finished "gridlock". i didn't much care for it. ben elton has made some great t.v. but this book was kind of relentlessly hammering his point. and it wasn't all that funny to me. perhaps to someone else though.

finished "ultra". i liked it. i was surprised how much i liked it. it just reads well. very...cinematic. within the first few pages i was wondering if it had been optioned yet. i won't say that it's great but it's certainly entertaining.

finished "spiralbound". beautiful art. ok story. i neither loved nor hated the story but it didn't blow my mind. the art is amazing though and the book gets extra points for being sweet natured and gentle but not cloying or babyish.

reading: "the namesake". halfway done and i think it's v. v. good. nicely told story about nothing much at all. well, not entirely true but it's not about an earthshaking life. it's kind of just about life.

about to start "street angel" and when i finish "the namesake" i will read "skinnydip".

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