Monday, August 01, 2005

so, i wrote jodi some questions to answer on her blog and since i have nothing at all of importance to say, i thought i might as well answer them myself that creepy? pretend it's just some slightly disturbing inner dialogue that got out.

1. so…if you weren’t reading this right now, what would you be doing?
probably finishing that ben elton book that i am supposed to be reading. it's really very short but i keep putting down because it's just not as engaging as i had hoped.

2. ok, if you could do anything in the world as a career, other than what you currently do, what would it be?
i would like to be the poet laurate of the united states....or a farm vet.

3. i know you love dark chocolate but do you have a favorite type?
um, wow. of course you know that because YOU ARE ME!! but no, i just like it kind of...firm...and really...dark...and...oh this is sounding all wrong.

i don't like it to be soft, i like it to have a bit of bite and i like it bitter but not too tart.
4. since we’ve both become a fan of “candyfreak”, is that a particular candy (other than above mentioned chocolate bar) that you really like or even have fond childhood memories of? how about one that totally creeps you out (ewww! coconut cuticles!)?

i am pretty fond of peanut and almond m&m. and i like chunky bars. i have fond childhood memories of nik-l-nip wax soda bottles, but i really couldn't say why. as a kid i was really bothered by those nougats with the jellies in them. but now it's mostly just necco wafers that horrify me.

5. i know you just finished reading “harry potter and the half blood prince”. do you have a favorite harry potter character? why? and would you eat a chocolate frog?
oh, i haven't read "harry potter and the...". yet but i have my bets on who the half blood prince is. but my favorite harry potter characer is probably sirius black. he's so misunderstood.

6. how about other books? what’s next on your reading list?
next on my reading list is "skinny dip" by carl haissen and then maybe "johathan strange and mr. norell".

7. um…yeah… well, we have both had housekeeping related accidents. do you have any handy cleaning tips you can share? preferably ones that will not injure me?
i would have to say "don't bother". it's just easier all around and no one gets hurt. well, until all the crap piles up and someone trips, but that won't be for a while yet.

8. tell me one little thing that makes you happy.
i like seeing bees in flowers. i like bees. bees make me happy.

9. are there any internets sites that you visit every day?
yes, lots.

10. you like comics, that’s good, but who have you discovered recently that you’d like to sing the praises of? i was just reading "teen boat" and it totally rocks!

11. can i ask you ten more questions next week? what about if they are better than these ten?
shut up ren, you're boring.

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