Thursday, August 18, 2005

this town (ahhh ahhh) is comin' like a ghost town

heh...see, that's a reference to an old song by the specials (baaaands won't play no more...too much fighting on the dance floor) but it's also a reference to the fact that i have left a string of deserted bloggy, journaly type things on the internets. i just can't keep up with them. mostly because i am boring and have very little to say, also because i never tell anyone about them so i don't get a response and i guess sometimes that is discouraging...almost as discouraging as my run on sentences.

i am trying to track some of my old journal entries down, just for fun. the previous posts about movies and books were actually from emails. but i think they are interesting enough to be recorded. not that i am interesting, just you know, sometimes you learn new things or something...yeah.

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