Monday, August 29, 2005

"It's hot. Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this hot."

2 points if you recognize that quote. Actually , come to think of it, I'm not sure I remember exactly where that comes from. It's one of those movie quotes that my friends and family adopted for no real reason and it lingers in our...lingo. Here are a few others that have no excuse (any guesses to where they come from?):

1. "Chicken, chicken chicken." (Sometimes we use the whole quote which is "Horse, bear, chicken, chicken, chicken." In fact, there are hand gestures that go with this that have long since been adapted to mean "bitch, bitch bitch." don't remember why.
2. My brother started quoting this old commerical for antacids when I was in high school. He liked to just randomly say " Or even a cheeseburger." This is generally used as a non-sequitur.
3. Same brother will still wander around saying (and this one has a cadence that might not translate in type) "Moo...moo...moomoomoo." Please don't ask, we don't know.
4. Occasionally my BF will say "You like Gwar, Why don't you join the band?"
5. And this one is connected to the previous one (and Jodi-odi-odi certainly knows this one) "What's with today today?"
7. "The Larch."

Oh, you know there are many more. Too many to catalog I am sure but I will think of some more later.


Jodi said...

Scooped again! I was going to post about it being "Africa hot" this weekend! I think it's from a movie I never saw..."Biloxi Blues"...I seem to remember it from the ads and I say it all the time too.

#4 and #5 I know all too well! Empire Records rules! I'm often found saying "What's with today today?"

"It's Rex Manning Day!!!"

Jodi said...

In my family, we're also found of saying:
"Speak English, Egon!"
"No anchovies!"

I'm sure if Kyle and I got together right now it'd be a Napoleon Dynamite quote fest.

I love being so mature! :-P

ren said...

dude, my brother the ROCKET SCIENTIST walks around mooing like a cow. it doesn't get more mature then that!