Monday, June 26, 2006


I was cleaning out some files and came across three bits of poems that I couldn’t recollect writing. Only one of them was complete and after some thought, I realized that it was something I had written in response to a challenge to use a specific word. Nosegay, I think.

Anyway here it is:

When the dress is wilted,
The ribbons no longer bright.
When the slightly ratty faces
Are not softened by the light.
When the cheery nosegay
No longer seems so gay.
And all the celebrations
Seem many years away.
The harshest of reality
Has clearly come to call.
And the wallflower-y girls
No longer press the wall.
The one shining moment
Has surely come and gone.
But the marriage license, darling
That will linger on.

I rather like it. But I feel the need to defend it by saying it was written in five minutes, so it’s not…well, it is what it is. And on re-reading it, I realize that it can go both ways. I think I intended it to be a snarky, Dorothy Parker-esque comment on weddings. How the wedding day is all flowers and ribbons but when all that is gone, you’re still married. And maybe all you really wanted was the flowers and the ribbons. On the other hand, I suppose you can read it as a comfirmation of that fact that once all the pretty stuff is gone, it’s the important stuff that sticks around.

You decide..


Jodi said...

Truly a nice poem. I read it that once the nosegay dies, you can't camouflage the stinky stuff (which may indeed be marriage, depending on who you marry) anymore.

beavis said...

heh heh, she said nosegay

Brenda Griffith said...

hmmm... I got that the wallflower-y girls have the last laugh as they may not have shone at the ball, but they are more often the ones with the happy, lasting marriages. You also pulled a James McMurty and rhymed gay with (nose)gay. Heh. (I'm back to reading the blogs--I must have a life! Now on to Jody's.)

ren said...

not really rhymed but matched. the "gay" is actually rhymed with "away" but either way it's not proper rhyme scheme. i kind of suck at rhyme scheme.


Jodi said...

That's why I stick to haiku. No need to rhyme.