Friday, June 02, 2006

Wheat Meat

I try things so you don’t have to. Aren’t you lucky? Although I suspect the odds of anyone I know trying “Veggie Rib mix” is pretty slim. Still, I wanted to know what it was like so I tried it. You don’t have to. They were…ok. I can’t say OH MY GOD DON’T DO IT! Because they were just fine. If you already have a fondness for wheat gluten, go for it. I had actually never had it before.

These were really simple to make. Mix with water, blend in some melted margarine and peanut butter (I don’t know why the peanut butter. I actually thought it was kind of a distracting taste) bake, baste with BBQ sauce and bake some more. Easy Peasy.

I actually liked the “end bits”. I always like the end bits (stop it!). But they got really chewy and crunchy and good. But the middle parts were too…wheaty for me. So if you like meat, and you are ok with eating meat, then just eat the meat. If you are not eating meat and you like wheat gluten, try them. If you have never had wheat meat, I’m thinking that this is an easy way to give it a try. Mine were fine. I don’t imagine I will make them again since I know there is NO WAY that James would ever eat these and I can’t eat a whole pound myself. But I will consider it a worthy experiment.

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