Friday, June 16, 2006

One Bag, Lots o' Stuff.

the stuff in my bag

I wanted to play along with all the cool kids but I haven’t had a chance to photograph the contents of my purse yet. However, since I do normally carry three bags (why yes, I do have back problems, however did you know?) to work, I did capture the contents of my “satchel”, as I call it. I guess it’s kind of like carrying a brief case but I don’t have any briefs in it. To be fair, it’s not always this full but I do usually travel with some stuff to read, some stuff I am working on and…a lot of other junk. The other bag (other than the purse and this one) carries my lunch and my bottles of iced tea (made at home and transferred to bottles) so it’s not really that heavy. (You can click through to see the notes, if you care.)

Just wait until you see all the stuff in my purse!

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Jodi said...

I usually carry a second bag to work too with magazines, books, and a water bottle. That way I have extra space if I end up with something I need to bring home too, like paperwork or a hamster quilt.