Tuesday, July 26, 2005

comics i am reading: so, i've been trying to read everything i got at comic con (there are pictures of everything i bought on my flickr page) but i am going really S L O W L Y. i did read the first "the goon" tpb last night though and it's a freakin' hoot.

up next: "ultra" by the luna bros. and "jane's world" as loaned to me by jodi

books: reading a ben elton book called "gridlock". not loving it so much. it's a bit older but the writing seems pretty dated and although i love a lot of the tv that elton worked on, i'm just not feeling this one.

up next: probably "skin tight" by carl hiaasen. he writes the same book over and over again but it's generally pretty funny anyway.

currently crushing on: david wain on stella. it's on right now and i only ever look up when he is on.

up next: it's anyone's guess but i keep seeing pix of brendan gleeson in the new harry potter movie and it just makes me giddy...but i suppose neither of these are comic book crushes.

starting work on: a mini comic type thingy about comic book crushes and one about terms of endearment. if i like them i will sell them at sdcc next year at a table with sherri. big if there.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

oh jodi. why do we do these things? you know if you do, i will follow...maybe. but i am not so sure i can handle this as i have NOTHING OF INTEREST TO SAY!!!