Friday, July 16, 2010


One of the new girls.


Signs of stress in Comic-Con Sellers
  1. Listening to the same cd over and over and feeling panicked when someone changes the music.
  2. That rash on your arm and back that persists despite changing soap, lotion, detergent, and state.
  3. Stomach upset following any food that is not sugar or carb based (only donuts don't cause queasyness).
  4. Impending sense of doom.
  5. Loss of perspective. (Note to self: Odds are good that the world won't end if you don't print that last piece of art).
  6. Finding face in forced grin while saying "Hi, How ya doin'? Can I help you with anything?" under your breath.
  7. List making, especially any list that includes "sleep".
  8. The comic-con eye twitch. (It arrived today. Precisely at 2pm.)
  9. The desire to drink alcohol at 8am.
  10. Not drinking because you just don't have time.
  11. Blogging while the print queue is full.
  12. Idly googling "colin firth+coffee" (no, seriously, do it...) and "pretty british men" instead of working.
  13. Organizing iPod...again.
We leave on Wednesday. Everything was under control...until about a week ago. My mantra is now "it will get done because it HAS to get done." Well, it's that and "Damn, I need a gin and tonic."

There are at least 4, possibly 6 new prints on the table, two new sets of cards and a "sketchbook." It's worth it just to see the smiles on their faces when they look under the tree on Christmas's not it...