Thursday, January 14, 2010


I haven't abandoned anything! I don't care what they say. But until I can get it all back together (um...the tree is still up. Christmas presents are still ungifted...and there are two big boxes full of stuff from the east coast in the middle of the floor. Not to mention the suitcases that need to be put away, the thank you notes that need to be written and the dusting...oh god the dusting!...that needs to be done)...

Hellllllllo Nurse. Nice to see ya, Doctor!

Until then, gaze adoringly at the Ninth Doctor as John Lennon. How could that be any better? Maybe if he was holding a fluffy bunny or perhaps a Publisher's Clearing House check made out in my name...or maybe just a cupcake.

I'll be back. I have a list of the books I read in 2009. A rundown of People's Sexiest Men (no, seriously, I wrote it THAT long ago), some commentary on candy making, and why I don't like baking cookies...oh all kinds of lovely things! It will be delightful. Really, it will!